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Official 2BD Statement on PHL Mayor's New Media Policy:

After learning of the new changes to the release of information across city agencies, we were truly baffled. The fact that Mayor Parker’s administration has chosen to at best, backlog the free flow of information or at worst, censor it altogether is a huge oversight. The vagueness of such a decision rightfully drew immediate ire from all 54 branches of the city’s public libraries.

We will be seeking clarity from the administration on all that is affected by this impromptu declaration. But to be clear, regardless of its levels any arrangement that results in immediate doubt and reluctance to communicate about city matters should not be accepted. We believe that public officials should be beholden to the public they serve, not the other way around.

In light of recent events, including the proliferation of false news stories by the county’s own Sheriff’s Department, we feel that it is integral that promises of transparency from this administration are met with appropriate action and policy.


The 2BD Media Team

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